A Poor Kid’s Guide to Being Super Hip and Fancy

 One of the hardest things about being on a budget is that I really like pretty things.Pretty things I can’t afford. And I don’t think I’m alone on that one.

Recently our roommate who owned our dining room table moved out and coincidentally,so did our dining room table. I visited Ikea and Target looking around for a new table, but I couldn’t find a thing under $80 and that did not include chairs. I began to cry. And so did my wallet. When we were all cried out, my sister and life partner suggested we all go hit up the local thrift store.

Joey and I at Ikea before my hopes and dreams shattered like an adorably printed china plate
Joey and I at Ikea before my hopes and dreams shattered like a Swedish chandelier

Unfortunately we did not find a dining room table. No, we found something a little more interesting. A glass coffee table and an idea! We bought the table, four throw pillows (after we had tried them out and found them to be adequately cushy on our bums), two twin sized sheets, and a can of yellow spray paint.

photo 3And then we took a Pei Wei break.

And by now you may have put it together, we got real Asian up in this joint. And like they do in various Asian countries (don’t ask us which, we are students, not scholars), we planned to sit on the ground. We also decided this is really hip and fancy. We are currently waiting for it to catch on.

After our quick break we spray painted the legs, narrowly avoided death by Melon Yellow (thanks Joey), and I sewed up some quick covers for the pillows out of the sheets.

photo 4 photo 5

Now I am all kinds of prepared for cool kid dinner parties and the whole ordeal cost me less than $50 and my wallet and my roommates are rejoicing!

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