The Dream

Here it is folks, the BIG KAHUNA, my dream of all dreams, the direction I am facing, and the huge WHOPPING reason I am here:

I love to travel, I always have and I want to keep seeing the world.

But I want to improve it as I go. Am I capable of removing all evil from the world and making everyone in it a shining, happy person with perfect lives? Nah, but where’s my substance if I don’t do something?

So here’s the goal:

I want to open a traveling shop, bringing vintage and handmade goods all over the states in my little trailer. Thus, spreading my love for aesthetically pleasing things, clothing with history, and the basic human need to create, but also fulfilling my personal desire to be on the road, meeting new people, and seeing new things.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! While that plan is very nice and happy for all those involved, I want to do a little bit more by working in my humanitarian scheme. A portion of my profits will go towards buying materials and making new clothes for children in need. Personally, I think there are too many little girls in this world who don’t know what it is like to receive and own a pretty, brand new dress that is all their own.

Is it maybe a little childish? Unrealistic? Naive? Yah maybe. Am I going to shoot for anyway? Yah definitely.

So here’s my course of action:

  1. Currently working menial jobs to accumulate enough money to open my shop online.
  2. Use the proceeds from my online shop and other jobs to get it all out on the open road
  3. Live happily doing what I love and helping others’ happiness too!

Here’s what I need from you right now:

  • Show support and follow the blog
  • Keep connected as I slowly make my way towards my goals
  • Donate to my Go Fund Me Campaign
  • Be an “encourager” in your home and community, we are going to need a lot of positive vibes

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