Rings & Things

My best buddy since before birth and life long co-conspirator, Logan Marie, my sister has finished her surgeries in New York and come to join the family in Platte City, Missouri.

Quick to take advantage of our short time here, we arranged for a Jazz Tour of Kansas City, indulging in fantastic music, glamorous scenes, and some seriously tantalizing bites. But little did my sister know, there was something much more exciting in the works.


We sampled our way through Kansas City’s best bars (starting with dessert, naturally) while listening to a variety of performers, from lobby singers to big bands, to tap dancing trumpet players. Meanwhile….our parents were at the airport fetching a very special surprise guest.


Our fabulous tour guide was in on the scheme too! He was excellent at stalling for time when necessary, not to mention his attentiveness in introducing us to all the performers, and ensuring we were treated like princesses by the wait staff. So distracted was she, there is no way she could have caught on to the fact that at that very moment, her boyfriend from Phoenix was racing over with a special surprise.


Logan: “Let’s get the garlic pomme frites…it’s not like we will be kissing anyone tonight.”

Me: “Yeah I guess you’re right…”


To end the night, our driver took us to a fountain for a “photo-op” but the pictures we ended up with were not exactly what Logan expected…

For standing in front of the glittering fountain with a bouquet and a ring box, was the one and only Parker Stanley.

And I present to you:

The Future Mr. and Mrs. Stanley


And I would like to formally invite you along for the wedding planning process as the (almost) official Maid of Honor, Sister of the Bride, and head of the Bridal Party (and most parties in general.)

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