Lift Up Your Voice

Hello, my name is Victoria Strode and I am here issuing a formal, public apology.

In my blog I write a lot about clothes, and travel and my family and my feelings, but I have been intentionally leaving out a piece of myself that is so integral to who I am and the motivating factor behind all the things I love and do. I’ve been stopping myself from writing about God in my blog for a few reasons…

1. I did not want to offend. I wanted to keep things very politically correct and make my followers comfortable by leaving out anything that could cause disagreement or conflict.

2. I was afraid of backlash. Since joining the blogging world, I have struck up a few friendships and made a little home in my corner of the internet. I was afraid of what my followers would think if I suddenly began writing about my faith. I was afraid of hate mail that religious bloggers usually receive.

3. I was (am) afraid of misrepresenting my religion. When I speak for the LDS church, I am speaking for millions of people, that’s a lot of pressure, just saying.

All these reasons are based on fear, and while it is natural to have fears, I want to be one who is not driven by them. I have been surrounded by God’s love, and I want that to be my driving force.

Recently I posted a picture to the instagram account that is linked to my blog, announcing my religion. I lost a couple followers that day, but I also received an overwhelming amount of support from friends, family, and fellow bloggers.

My name is Victoria Strode, I am a Mormon, I am a blogger, and I promise to be more true to myself as I continue to write.

6 thoughts on “Lift Up Your Voice

  1. I totally relate to your concerns. It is so much easier to not say anything at all rather than to risk offending people, but our faith is literally the most important part of our lives, not just a part of our lives. I love your blog and you! You’re doing great!


    • Thank you Megan! I’m learning just how important it is to speak up. Everyone has a unique influence, voice, and platforms from which to share that one-of-a-kind voice!


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