Bed & Breakfast & Beautiful Banisters

It has been a Summer of firsts! Including this: My first stay at a Bed&Breakfast. And I couldn’t have picked a better place! We stayed at the lovely and historical Fitz Rudolph House in the quaint and green town of Carthage, Illinois. 11760088_10203043064997332_1606391174578517101_n

I didn’t even know I was obsessed with turrets! And I may have snuck around to each individual room to photograph them…10981601_10203043067157386_1535872293946875532_n 11745353_10203043070917480_4754702781437075582_n 11745733_10203043075797602_7686584081718156561_n

My family stayed in the topmost room, the “maid’s quarters” and I thought I would not mind one bit cleaning up after strangers if I could be a part of such a beautiful household.


The place was run by a friendly married couple. Talk about dream job; living in a beautiful home, meeting people from all over and having quality conversations, waking up and making delicious breakfasts in a sun filled kitchen…can you tell I enjoyed myself? It sure beat any hotel or hostel or couch I’ve ever stayed on. Here’s to small businesses, ’cause they really are that neat.

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