Golden Alphabet DIY

In preparation of the coming semester, Cece and I have found a new place to live and began decoration plans! And every DIY or decorating project we do will be shared right here so you can use our ideas that are specifically suited for dorm dwellers and renters with bold style.

After seeing the room, I knew immediately I wanted to gold accents, so I bought a couple cans of spray paint and I have been spray painting ALL THE THINGS.

Which brings us to our very first project: These lovely refrigerator magnets!

This is the perfect project for lazy people who like pretty things.

You will need:

  • Alphabet Magnets. I got mine for $2.50 at Walmart and ended up buying two packs.
  • Gold Spray Paint. Also from Walmart, $3. Just be sure you get one that “also bondsĀ to plastic”!
  • Spray Painting surface (cardboard box)


  1. Take the letters out of the package and line them up all pretty on your spray painting surface, outside preferably.


  1. Spray paint ALL THE THINGS.
  2. Keep a few feet back. If you are too close to the letters, they will blow all around.
  3. Walk in a little circle around the letters with your spray can to make sure all the edges are good as gold šŸ˜‰


  1. Let them dry. Make a sandwich, watch a movie.
  2. Inspect them for spots you may have missed and touch them up.
  3. Play with your new toys!


Whether you live with your kids, roommates, or lover, everyone is going to have a real good time making silly messages on the fridge.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly they went from childish to classy?

A Poor Kid’s Guide to Being Super Hip and Fancy

Ā One of the hardest things about being on a budget is that I really like pretty things.Pretty things I can’t afford. And I don’t think I’m alone on that one.

Recently our roommate who owned our dining room table moved out and coincidentally,so did our dining room table. I visited Ikea and Target looking around for a new table, but I couldn’t find a thing under $80 and that did not include chairs. I began to cry. And so did my wallet. When we were all cried out, my sister and life partner suggested we all go hit up the local thrift store.

Joey and I at Ikea before my hopes and dreams shattered like an adorably printed china plate
Joey and I at Ikea before my hopes and dreams shattered like a Swedish chandelier

Unfortunately we did not find a dining room table. No, we found something a little more interesting. A glass coffee table and an idea! We bought the table, four throw pillows (after we had tried them out and found them to be adequately cushy on our bums), two twin sized sheets, and a can of yellow spray paint.

photo 3And then we took a Pei Wei break.

And by now you may have put it together, we gotĀ real Asian up in this joint. And like they do in various Asian countries (don’t ask us which, we are students, not scholars), we planned to sit on the ground. We also decided this is really hip and fancy. We are currently waiting for it to catch on.

After our quick break we spray painted the legs, narrowly avoided death by Melon Yellow (thanks Joey), and I sewed up some quick covers for the pillows out of the sheets.

.Ā photo 4 photo 5

Now I am all kinds of prepared for cool kid dinner parties and the whole ordeal cost me less than $50 and my wallet and my roommates are rejoicing!

Pretty in Pink

Like 80’s movies? ‘Cause I’m absolutely crazy about them. Nothing really gets me riled up like shoulder pads, dance breaks, and that timeless attitude of teenage rebellion. But Pretty in Pink is a little more than a good movie to me. It’s kind of the inciting incident of my life as an upcycler.

Think back. Remember when AndieĀ cuts up Ioana’s terrible old pink prom dress and turns it into an equally terrible new pink prom dress? To say the least, I found it inspiring. I’ve always been very particular about the clothes I wore and could not abide the idea that if I bought my dress from a department store, another girl at my junior prom may be wearing something similar (heaven forbid). So while my friends were hitting up the mall and online retail stores, my mother and I were hitting up outlets, thrift stores, and the like.

Nothing was really working for me and on top of it all I was informed that I had been nominated for Prom Princess and would be on stage in front of the entire student body (note: while outwardly I expressed annoyance at being associated with such a shallow tradition, I was secretly thrilled). But one day in some obscure rack at some obscure Goodwill location I found it.

photo 1

My mother was horrified, my best friend was horrified, my dog wouldn’t look at it. I was ecstatic. While everyone else saw a pink lace mess of shoulder pads and humiliation, I saw a perfectly unique, feminine number that would go wonderfully with my Prom Princess crown. *SPOILER* I didn’t win.. It’s a small miracle I was nominated to begin with.

Now the alterations to this dress were neither complicated nor extravagant. I simply shortened the sleeves and took it in (it was a size 12 and I was barely pushing a 2). However, despite all of its simplicity, I made a really important discovery.


And here it is folks; the really sappy moral of the story:

I could do it.Ā 

I could see through this mess and find the potential beauty in it. Even better, I could do the work to get it to that place. I felt fabulous that night because Ā 1) I looked flippin adorable in a one-of-a-kind, made to order prom dressĀ and 2) I found something that is not only useful but that I am totally passionate about and has become a little piece of me.

photo 2