In Defense of Yuma, Arizona

You may have heard of Yuma, Arizona, but unless you are local or frequent the San Diego area, it’s entirely reasonable that you haven’t. That’s completely understandable because Yuma is a whole lot of this:photo

Which I actually find quite lovely, but I get why it’s not the most popular vacation spot.

I have a wonderful cousin who lives there whom I adore visiting. Usually we go driving and blast the music while we enjoy the view or just hang around the house. But as I discovered during my visit last weekend, she’s been holding out on me.Apparently, Downtown Yuma has a perfectly charming handmade/vintage shopping district!


Although it was poor timing on MLK Day, as a good number of the stores were closed, it was definitely a trip worth recommending, especially to resident Arizona thrifters and I intend on making my way back there ASAP to check out the boutiques we missed.


My favorite part? Bandanna Books! Where I picked up a couple of plays on the cheap so I can brush up on my classics.


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