Short Bangs 101

Hello friends! I recently did some chop chopping of the locks and after living with short bangs I am ready to give a report on them for anyone considering them! So here is my journey through bang-hood, in respective stages:

1. The Decision 

The bang length and style was inspired by hair trends of the late 1950’s..and more specifically our dear Audrey Hepburn. I just wanted something a bit unusual but still lovely.


It was actually extremely exciting because the salon I went to had a 1950’s theme and I sat right next to a picture of her!

2. The Love Affair 

Looking in the mirror after the haircut was like a Cinderella moment. I felt so beautiful. I even wore my glasses in public and felt cute about it. I took many selfies, which is what the majority of this post will be comprised of.


3. The Curl


If you’re like me, you’ll find that your hair has a bit of a natural curl to it and bangs are more of a struggle than they appear to be. Waking up the morning after the cut was a scary, scary thing. But I find that a quick swipe of the straightener will bring things back the way I want them. Additionally, if you comb out your bangs post-shower and let them air dry you’ll tend to have more favorable results.


4. The Hard Truth

To my delight, all my girl friends raved over my new hair, thanks ladies! However the gentlemen in my life were less thrilled. There are lots of weird things people do in the name of fashion and of beauty. Some of these are done with the intent to look cute for boys, some are done simply with the intent to look cute. This falls into the category of the latter. If your one intention is to attract a man, this is not the style for you. Thank heavens and hallelujah this is not my one and only purpose, so coming to this realization did not slow me down.

NOTE: I’m talking in general. I am sure there are some men out there who favor short bangs.

5. The Confidence Boost

Trying new stuff always ups my self esteem. Mainly because then I see myself as a person who tries new things. Most of the time I feel fresh, fierce, and fancy fine.


Sometimes I feel a hot, ugly mess


But all the time I feel like myself. Because frankly, hair is just hair. If you’re unsure, I encourage you to try it out, just to see. I am a firm believe in making impulse decisions under the understanding that hair does grow back. I intend on keeping my bangs for some time, they’re different and they’re fun and I’m so grateful they are in no way permanent.

2 thoughts on “Short Bangs 101

  1. Totally cute! And I’m right there with you. I always do things to my hair and change it up because it’s just hair and it will grow back! Good for you!!


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