New Chapter

Alright folks, for those unaware, I just finished up my second semester of college and called it quits on being a little freshman. I cannot believe how far I have come since this baby picture of me at my High School graduation one year ago. I have officially made it a year on my own, which is particularly amazing because of all the kids moving out of their houses I was probably the least capable of caring for myself but hey look I did it! And look what I accomplished in the meantime:

  • Created AND kept up a blog for 6 months. 6 MONTHS (with a small break)
  • Got and held my first job the entire time I lived in Tempe
  • Moved into my first place on my own and was blessed to meet my best friend, Cece there ❤
  • Chopped my hair off
  • Made it more than halfway through my associates (!)
  • Didn’t die.
  • In general gained a better understanding of myself and more focused idea of what I want and how to get it
  • Made it safely back into my mommy’s arms for the summer

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