Turning Dreams into Plans.

When I began writing this blog back in December, I had a sort of vague longing to eventually turn it into an online store after some time. That distant dream has quickly become a much more developed plan that I intend to set in motion within the year. I believe that how we dress ourselves is a way of expressing ourselves, the most widespread art form and I want to support this self expression by opening up a vintage and handmade clothing store. Once the store is up, it will be accessible online, but as it grows I will be selling at flea markets and stores all around the USA and perhaps Europe as well.

Additionally, for every item purchased from my store, I will be sending a lovely handmade dress to young girls in need of clothing, as a way of giving back and expressing gratitude for all that I have been blessed with. Many of the girls I will be sending clothing to have never had their own dress. While I am aware that this cause may not be ground shaking or world changing, when I think of a sweet little child receiving a brand new outfit that is all her own and what that might feel like to her, I know it will make a difference to that one girl, and that is plenty for me.

Here’s the catch: I’m broke. I work in food service and make about enough every month for rent and groceries, its the college life, what can you do? I’ve been saving a bit to get this dream of mine on the road, but at the rate I am going, it could be a couple of years.So I launched a Go Fund Me Campaign last night. A couple generous souls have already donated! If you could spare a couple of dollars for my cause I would be over the moon. If not, I would be thrilled if you could even share it around. Reblog, share the link of facebook, twitter, instagram, whatever your choice platform is. It would mean everything to me if I could raise the means to pursue this dream. Thank you 🙂

Here is the link to my campaign: http://www.gofundme.com/qhj79k

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