San Diego-go-going Away

The squad and I took a rather spontaneous trip to San Diego and it was too wonderful not to share. Between Logan’s recovery, Marin’s upcoming graduation, and my general distaste for stress, we all needed to get out and just go. And oh my stars I couldn’t be happier that we did. Upon my return life hit me like a school bus full of chubby kids, but the vacation? Pure bliss


I remember floating in the waves, thinking all my problems were so far away from me. I am very grateful for the point I am at in my life where things like this are possible. I am practicing being where I am at. Meaning not dwelling in the past or living solely for the future, ’cause right now is pretty neat too, even when it’s hard.


I also can not believe my incredible luck that the ones I love the most were born into my very own family, or in Cece’s case, lives right in my own house! Cool. Love surrounds me. Victory indeed.


Happy Spring! And be watching, San Diego has great thrift stores (and how could I go somewhere and not check that out?), there are posts coming with the dirty details.

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