You Bought WHAT at the Thrift Store?

When I tell people how I love to thrift, I get varied reactions. Many respond enthusiastically and tell me about their latest thrifts. However, there are the few that are simply disgusted by the idea. This post is not for those people. If you are one of them I recommend you read no further, close your browser, find something else to do.

Even those who are all for thrifting sometimes have a hard time digesting the fact that I buy my pajamas there. But I do! And I love them!

My two favorites are my silky cranberry PJ set:


And my silky black dressing robe:


No, it doesn’t freak me out, if it freaks you out, I recommend washing them multiple times, it’ll all be okay. More than okay! I cannot explain how fabulous I feel in the mornings when I put on my robe and go down stairs for breakfast. Like a princess or a movie star.

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