Mr. Cannoli goes to Glendale

This Presidents Day we made the great return to our hometown, nestled comfortably between Sun City and Phoenix lies sweet Glendale, and Glendale has my heart.

While in Rome do as the Romans. While in Glendale? Well first hit up Romanelli’s, Arizona’s finest Italian market and pick yourself up a cannoli (we prefer the chocolate ones) and scoot your little booty on over to downtown Glendale, the Antique Capital of Arizona!


The antique stores up here are totally charming and each have such a unique personality. Our favorites are Zola Bell’s and Pink House Botique


I adore Zola Bell’s toy section and extensive shelves of doll house furniture. Little known fact: It has always been my dream to remodel and decorate a doll house. Yes I am a child.


Logan picked up a sweet Vote Kennedy pin here for $6.

Rare selfie of the best friend/blog photographer , Cecelia Casey
Rare selfie of the best friend/blog photographer , Cecelia Casey

The Pink House Boutique is an entirely different breed of stores. They feature both antique and new clothing, jewelry and accessories and the store is simply adorable. We didn’t get many pictures there but Cece picked up an adorable crop top and I left with a peach circle skirt and an Arizona necklace, both of which I am head over heels in love with, and will be featured in a later post.


Ta-ta Glendale! You’ll be hearing from us again soon.

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