Throwback Thursday: Tori circa 1988

One of my favorite games is looking in my closet and asking myself: What would I wear if I lived in (insert year here)?.Then I wear an outfit inspired by that year! Pretty nifty, no? Today I decided to make that game a section on my blog!  Think of it as an Outfit of the Day post meets a Throw Back post.


Boots- Khols

Dress- Goodwill (authentic 80’s artifact)

Sweater- American Eagle

Glasses- Swift Eye Wear

Bracelet- Dollar Store

Nail Polish- Salon Perfect: Ruby’s Cube


This is so fun for me because it’s all my clothes I already love in the colors I adore wearing but I am always surprised with the combinations I can come up with. Out of my boring old closet is born this pastel punk princess outfit! What retro looks are hiding in your hangers?

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